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I was sitting here thinking about various parts of the US I've lived in and how people reacted to driving in snow. I remember several years ago living in Texas, Louisianna and Florida. Never saw snow in Florida, but did have small amounts in TX and LA. Both places had a large number of accidents with very small amounts of snow (less than 2"). If I recall correctly, someone explained this as largely due to how the roads are built in the South - with no bank in the center which you have in the North. Because the road is not banked (except on curves) and temps stay around 30 degrees, there is fast thaw/freeze cycle. The water then stays on the road as ice instead of running off as it would being banked. Result - driver loses control on ice and packed snow. Also, I don't remember seeing city/county plows. I wonder if they just let the know melt on its own. I don't remember much about it, 25-30 yrs ago. Anyway, was sitting here with not much to do, waiting for snow this PM.


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