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I am planning to get new tires and rims probally going to put 33's on. What Im wandering will i need to lift my truck or will stock suspension be ok? if not will a 4 inch be enough


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i have a chevy with 9&quot; of lift I mean 6&quot; suspension and 3&quot; body. and i am running 35' tires. So it would be best to do the 4' suspension so if you go off road you will have plenty of highth so you don't scube your wheel well to hell and back, and mest your tires up. I plan on going to a 39&quot; tire and i would have room to spaire. but not much. but i am saying is that it is better to be safe then soory!!<br>


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Depends on what truck you have. If it is a 1/2 ton you will need at least 2&quot; of lift, a heavy duty 3/4 or one ton, you may be able to get by with out a lift.<br>Dino<p>----------<br> Professional Ice and Snow Management <br>Products:Services:Equipment www.sima.org


I have a 78 3/4 ton camper special 4x4, (the heavy duty'est of the 3/4 ton line for that year)<p>you will be fine with 4&quot; suspension lift if you want to run 33x12.50's<p>i recommend the pro comp lift, did a great job on the 77 i just sold<p>and I am going to install one on my 78 in the next few months<br><p>----------<br>Better to spend a little more and save the headache later!<br>


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I own an'84 GMC 1/2 ton. I bought the truck with 33/12.50's on 12&quot; rims and no lift. There was no problem for clearance except when twisting the suspension with the wheels slightly turned. I now have a 2.5&quot; lift up front and a 3&quot; lift in the rear. I ran some worn out 35's with this setup without problem. Again the key here is on road only. I'm now back to 33's on 10&quot; rims and It's a great setup. You can check out these setups at www.geocities.com/landrye72.


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I had a 91 chevy 1/2ton with 33x12.5`s bfg all-terrians and they only rubbe when the wheels were turned while backing up. I don`t know what year your truck is, but the 73-87 years are fairly easy to put a 4&quot; lift on. trail master and skyjacker make a good lift for the money.


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I'm strugling with rims for my 05 chevy 1 ton single wheel, I want to use BFG all terrain T/A KO's and upsize to 285's but need at least a 7.5" wide rim (per BFG), I haven't found any that have the weight rating, at least 3415 to handle the tires and the load I carry during the summer. Anyone been down this road?

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