Ride on snowblowers/ Mower attachment snowblower

Joe Mittler

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What are my options in ride on snow blowers? Is any one using scag mowers with a snow blower attachment. The scag Turf Tiger would be awsome as a snow blower. Currently using small mtds, doesnt ho;d up well to commercial use. Whats the hot setup?


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I've used both Toro and JD setups, and liked them both. You want something with a good cab, and comfortable for the operator. You also need to look at its year round uses, and additional attatchments that it can use to make you $$ when the snow doesn't pile up like you want it to!!

Hope this helps!


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The two ride on blowers that my guys like best are a 4100 that we modified an old 400 series blower to fit on it,it has a cab and heat. Also we modified a wheel horse blower off a lawn and garden tractor to fit our hydrostastic toro walk behind with sulkie. With the 20hp. motor it really chews through the snow

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