reversed shackles


i was reading through a post about lifting trucks from back in feb. & i found a post by JB in which he said that the firm ride of lifted springs could be smoothed out by installing "reversed shackles". i'm currently deciding what type of kit to use on my 84 3/4 ton GMC & i was hoping someone might help me with what these reverse shackles are & how they work (i've looked through some manufacturers sites & havent found anything about them) thanks in advance for any help

Chuck Smith

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There's a reversed shackle, and there's the BF Goodrich "Velvet Ride" replacement shackle. The Velvet Ride supposedly works good, though I don't know anyone that has them to ask. Look through any 4wd magazine, and you'll find ads for them. I think Tyres International, and 4 Wheel Parts Wholesalers carry them. About $300 I *think*.



i just discovered the velvet ride shackles while searching for info about the reverse ones. 4 Wheel Parts has them for $169. i think i'm going to try them out so i will let you know how they are when i get them. thanks for the reply & BTW thanks for all the info on your web site, it has been a HUGE help to me in finding otherwise unobtainable info about my truck.