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Hey guys i got a question for ya all. I saw a guy the other day and he had two lights mounted at the end of his truck bed above the parking lights.He said that he had hooked them up to the reverse lights so when he shifts in reverse the lights come on insted of the smaller standerd reverse lights. Has any one ever herad of this and is this harmfull to the truck battery

One more thing i have dual batterys in my new 2000 gmc truck it has the plow package does the extra battery run only my plow or is it there for everything (kind of new at this mechanic stuff )any help will be greatly appreciated

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The extra lights are fine. The only real concern is if the circut is rated to run the extra amp load. If not, then a new circut needs to be added to carry the extra load capacity. We ahd a rather in depth discussion last year about this, and how to wire the circut.
A search should find it, try under back up lights , or just lights.
The 2 batteries in your truck are wired so that they both are charged and get drawn down at the same rate. While not there just for the plow, it will help a great deal in keeping the plow draw from draining the batteries. You will be happy you have them.


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No,No and No

Adding back up lights will not drain your battery if only used for that purpose. Some just run a dedicated line to their aftermarket lights on the back. We install 2 lights on all our spreaders. 1 points down and out on the drivers side so you can see what is coming out if the spreader and the other is pointed out for backing up. A seperate, fused line runs them with a lighted switch in the cab. The lighted swith is mainly a reminder that the back lights are on. Sometimes one forgets while driving to the next job site and the cars behind you get blinded.

The extra battery is there for the entire system.

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I like the lighted switch idea. I'm going to change mine to lighted ones. Besides blinding the people behind us, I've stopped for coffee or whatever in the daylight, only to find that the lights have been on since nighttime. Kinda silly to keep them on all day.
ive also seen backup lights that mount on a reese style hitch and plug right into existing trailer wiring...looked pretty slick!!!!! i think i found them at ...might be another option to look into the they`re removable...just a thought..

I used to auxiliary reverse lights that were wired into the reverse light wire on my trailer wiring harness. They worked great untill they burned out my reverse lights switch. They were drawing more power across the switch than it was designed to carry. If I were to install them again, I would probably run a fused line from the battery to a relay that was wired into the reverse lights circut. That way they would come on only when I was in reverse but would not draw excessive power through the circut.


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Good points about the extra lights pulling more amps thru the tranny switch than it was designed for. If you use with that setup, a relay is the way to go.

Another good idea is having an additional switch in the circuit so you can choose to: have the extra lights off, activate when you shift into Reverse or stay on all the time if you need light while hooking up a trailer, for example.

I did something a little different again: When I fabbed the deck for my truck I used the 4" sealed beam "Truk-Lite" units, and put a white one in on either side at the back. These don't draw as much juice as the spotlights, so I have them wired to the transmission switch, along with the small rectangular white light visible just under the spare tire. If I want more light, I have a switch for the two spotlights up on the "headache rack".

Agreed on having an "on" indication of some kind. I prefer to use beefy toggle switches, so I have a separate indicator light wired in for each switch as required.

BTW - that's a "last year" photo - the Great White North ain't very white (yet) this year! ;)

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