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I live in OH and I have a 86 full size has &quot;some&quot; rust and I was wondering about fixing her up.....<br>I was going to start buying the doors and fenders and putting them up until next spring.....<p>I was told by a body shope that a cross member was starting to rust and was not worth the money to fix..... Is this accurate info...<br>She runs like a dream but does not look as good as she runs...<p>I was guessing about $4000.00 to get her right and the body shop said that was accurate but the cross member would cost a fortune to fix and the support would not be the same.....<p>I just wanted some other opinions......<p>Thanks bunches....


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Fairbanks AK
Which cross member is it? Junk yard? Most of them are riveted on (at least on my pickup) and the rivets could be popped and replaced with bolts when you install the new one.

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