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    So I plow only residentials and have had know problems till yesterday. One of the drives I do is a shared drive, and narrow. As i am backing up I hit a chain link fence post of the other person that shares the drive not the one who hired me.

    You would have thought I put a hole in his house he had the cops out there going crazy. All this after I had told him when spring time comes I will have the fence co. come out and replace or repair it.

    So after this he goes to the co. that hired me (they are assisted living homes) and complains to them.

    They say we already know about it and our contractor said he would take care of it in the spring, this guy says well at least he is honest . Some people.

    Then my customer calls me up yesterday and says don't plow that drive anymore. I thought she was upset with me and she says screw him we have been giving him free plowing for the last few years let him figure out how to get out of his drive now!!!

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    I would be happy to not be plowing it anymore
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    Don't get me wrong I am I don't need that kind of crap at 6am

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    a plow can deposit snow as well as remove it.

    just a thought.:rolleyes:
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    no lead....LOVE your thinking!!!! thats how I always get paid, it WILL snow next year!!