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Two questions, one for Lazer and one for Mr. Allin.

When you pull out a driveway, do you do it in one pull? Is that the idea behind your patented rear blade? You must do it in one I guess to get the times you report. Then is your v down in front also, and what position is that in?


What in the world do you guys do with all the snow in your residentials, with that much total snowfall in each winter?

It must get difficult as the winter progresses.
Does anyone in that market use a truck mounted blower, and would that make sense?

Thanks guys-

I'm sure the questions will slow down as the snow picks up here!


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16' and less can be done in 1 pull.
Generally don't use front plow - only for push-back.

I helped build a truck-mount snowblower. (250hp pick-up mount unit.) Very specialized piece of equipment requiring substancial R&D for an effective unit. I'd only recommend tackling that project if you have a highly specialized properties to service.

Western Michigan
There is a truck mounted snowblower available now, that mounts on your plow frame. It is available in Northern Tool, but I've heard its a lightweight unit.

If you're dealing with 150 plus inches a year, and limited space to put it, it may make sense.

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Because of the amount of snow we get, residential customers expect that we will drive a considerable distance out onto their lawns. It is expected that we will tear up some grass, which we fix each spring. Sometimes we drive a whole truck length out onto the grass at the beginning of the season. And, if the snow piles up so much that we begin to lose entry to the driveway, we take a skid steer and "push back" the piles - and charge the customers accordingly.

Lots of skid steer and backhoe work doing this come February. It's just part of the deal.

We will backdrag from the doorway, and then push up onto the lawns if the drive is two or three cars wide. We have very few single width driveways that we do, however the parameters are the same.... drive up onto the lawns. Once the ground freezes it's not an issue as we raise the blades once onto the grass surface. And, since we do landscape work in summer, repairing lawns is just part of the spring package around here.

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