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Okay.. I'm 90% sure I'll be plowing this year, thanks to all the info at this site, Chuck Smith's, and SIMA.

I just about have my contract done... but am unsure about one thing...

If I have my pricing set up like this:

2-7" accumulations - $___________

7-12" accumulations - $___________

12-18" accumulations - $___________

 Price is for accumulation per visit, not per storm. Two or more visits per storm may be required. As a storm progresses, TSG Property Maintenance Co. will use its discretion to determine the frequency.

Is this the correct way to set it up? Or should it be accumulations per storm?

Suppose we have a forecast of 12-18"... What's to keep me from going back to the same house and plowing it 6 times (every 3")? Why have the other accumulations listed?

How do you guys determine the frequency?

You understand what I'm askin'???


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I have found a set price per visit charge to be most effective. This way you can often get 2 visits & charge twice per snowfall depending on the length of the fall & the time the drive fits in on the route. We go back the day after, if it was still snowing when we were there the day before, & dust it off for a set price. Easy $$$. While the set price may be slightly low for an initial heavy fall, the return visit will make it profitable. Average your set price to reflect an average fall.
A seasonal contract is nice but I have found this as profitable.
You may want a min. per month charge to fall back on if there is no snow.
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For RESIDENTIALS that are signed for the season, I'd shy away from the amounts.

Those per time amounts work better for big commercial.

Typically residentials don't increase as dramatically in time with additional snow the way commercials do beacuse you don't have to carry the snow as far.

Plus, you don't want to haggle with all those customers about how much snow they had. Plus what about drifts?

Plow per time and be there often. Track everything and bill promptly.
well, ive found in the past that trying to charge different prices doesnt always work, ive found that one problem is people dont seem to believe you when you tell them how much snow you plowed. ive found that just doing an average of the three works best and put a clause in the contract stating that any snowfall about 12" is either between 50% more and double the price, thats up to you!



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We offer or offered 2 prices for homes 2" to 10" say $50.00 11"to 19" $75 and $100 over that, or set a flat fee of say $65.00. We have changed to commercial so we get a nice big paycheck every month weather it snows or not!!! And putting our employees on a weekly salary realy helps because we not almost within a $100 what comes in and out every month. BOY I REALLY GOT OF THE SUBJECT AGAIN. Look what the average snow fall (PER STORM) in your area if your going to give flat rates to make sure your making the money you need to make!


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One also has to look at the region of the country. Maryland wont see many 6"+ snowfalls per season. So hedge your pricing in the 0-6" range, and then wack them again for anything over 6" will require more than one visit. Trust me if you get a 18" snowfall, you will want to have plowed it at least 3x, and you want to get payed for everyone of those plowing at full price. Dont give away your services, with commercial you can use somewhat lower margins because you make up for it in volume, but with residential, you will be limited to your number of plowings per year, so make sure you capitlize.


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I have done so, I now charge per 3" of accumulation in commercial and per 6" in residential. If any customer has a problem, they can go look for a crew cab full of people and a bed full of blowers to clear their driveway, because they are not the customer for me.
If you want price 0-6" 100.00 6-12" 200.00 and so on, but you are in effeect saying the same thing.
The frequency of you visiting the property depends greatly on storm predictions. If they forcast 24" of snow, and you dont really wan tto plow anymore than 6" per time, and it stops at 8", you still get to charge for the second trip, even tho its only 2" to be plowed. we can control the weather, and have to use our best judgement in providing our services. If your customers dont trust you to service them reasonably, then why have them as a customer.


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