Residential driveway snow cleanups


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I have a couple customers that are asking for snow
cleanup of there driveways and side walk. i already
have a decent commercial snowblower. but only ever
done it just for myself. never done it for customers.
How do i price it? how do i contract it? 3 inches i show
up? how much extra for ice melters.. any help on this
would be great


Toronto Canada
We price a flat rate for over 2" for most res. drives & have a seperate dusting & plow bank removal price. A select few customers get a under 3" we don't show deal but they have to be year around contracts & on the route. If it's borderline & not done when we pass by we do it.


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I calculate my sidewalks at the same rate as the truck. I could be plowing another driveway insread of snowblowing, I don't do a lot of them, but offer it to those willing to pay. Keep this in mind.

I don't use ice melters on residential sidewalks, my customers prefer not to track it in the house. Price it so you make a buck!

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