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Would anyone be willing to post pictures of contracts they have their residential accts sign? Im specifically looking for a section you may put in stating you're not responsible for falls on ice if no ice melt is requested. I tell everyone that I only apply on request, just can't figure wording for the section to protect me. Also, what do your contracts look like if you're acting as a sub doing the salting for a different company? Thanks


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If they check the "no" box .I consider myself off the hook . I should probably add " we accept no liability for slips and falls if salt is not requested in the contract . Owner, tenant, signatory on contract assumes all responsiblity for slippery conditions,and to treat such."
Can you tell I met with my attorney today. On an unrelated matter.

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I just use this in the very few residentials I do.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, the Client shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Contractor, employees and subcontractors from and against any and all liabilities, costs, damages, and expenses for injuries or damage to persons or property resulting from any cause related to contractors work in, on or about the clients premises unless caused by the gross negligence of the contractor, contractor employees and subcontractors

and on commercials where they don't want salt/sand I put this in the site description

No Salt/Sand product is being applied unless directed by property manager, as such (company name) will bear no responsibly for any slip and falls due to no sand/salt being applied.

Sidewalks are maintained by (client name) as such (company name) will bear no responsibly for any slip and falls on them.

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