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Residential Contract

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by jonathanethan, Nov 24, 2003.

  1. jonathanethan

    jonathanethan Junior Member
    Messages: 8

    Hey guys.......I need a copy of a residential/commercial contract.....
    Where can I find one, or does anyone have a contract I can use?
    Needless to say, I'm new to the snowplowing game and need a little help getting started.
    Thanks so much!!
  2. Luppy

    Luppy Senior Member
    Messages: 325

    Around here we don't use contracts for residential work. (average driveway 2-4 car = 25.00 per plow)

    Only time we get into written contracts with residential customers is if the driveways are very large and the customer wants to get into a per-season rate rather than a per plow.

    I hope you find what you're looking for though.
  3. jonathanethan

    jonathanethan Junior Member
    Messages: 8

    Thank you for the response

    Hey thanks ....
    I appreciate the input....reason I asked.....
    I was asked by two customers, for a contract. Both of whom were residences....
  4. CPSS

    CPSS Senior Member
    Messages: 334

    CAUTION, if you don't have a contract, there is an increased liability issue. By stating in writing what you will and will not be responsible for, you may limit your liability. Without a contract, the customer may assume that you will be doing certain things that you had no intention of doing. Thats where law suits stem from.

    A properly worded contract not only spells out exactly what your responsibilities are, but it may also help to collect money from someone who is a little slow paying. When we plowed residentials, we always had the customer sign a contract at the beginning of the season even though all our billing was a "per push" charge.
  5. General Grounds

    General Grounds Member
    Messages: 66

    :bluebounc jon, if you have a fax ill be happy to send you a copy of ours, just send me a PM with your #, tony
  6. Luppy

    Luppy Senior Member
    Messages: 325

    CPSS just to let you know, I've been doing residentials for 15+ years and can honestly tell you that nobody around here has people sign contracts to plow a 25 dollar driveway. As I said, a larger piece of private property is different and we usually do draw up a contract for those because we estimate them on a per season rate instead of per push. But for a regular driveway - If you asked someone to sign anything they'd be like WTF, my last plow guy didn't ask me to sign anything. I'm sure people may be different elsewhere, but that's just how things are here.
    I also do not do billing. Pay on the spot, or no cleanup. Too much work around here to jerk around with someone who wants to get plowed out but can't write a check for 25 or 30 on the spot. I don't shovel walkways anymore either. Used to take a kid with me to do that, but after 14 years in the biz, I changed my methods a bit. Also now only plow on an "on call" basis. I run ads and when we get a good snow I make good money. High demand here so one never loses out, if it snows, $$ is guaranteed.
  7. hoot

    hoot Senior Member
    from SE Pa.
    Messages: 156

    How do you charge for doing small parking lots? By time or by size? How much is average?
  8. CPSS

    CPSS Senior Member
    Messages: 334

    Well Luppy, to each his own......... just trying to give you some advice. Do you bother with general liability insurance?
  9. Luppy

    Luppy Senior Member
    Messages: 325

    Yep I have insurance but like I said, the people in this town won't sign a contract for a little driveway plow so it would be a pointless endeavor for me to try to push on folks.
  10. Hubjeep

    Hubjeep Senior Member
    Messages: 502

    I have only been doing this for three years so I am not too experienced. One thing I did learn in general was to judge the price on the amount of time it will take me.

    Ex. I have one driveway that is double the length of another, but I charge the same price since the shorter one has a garage at the head of it (requiring backblading), and is on a curved road which requires more caution when pushing snow across it.

    The other has a garage on the side so I can push the snow right by it.

    I would figure the same idea with a small parking lot.

    -John :cool:
  11. dmontgomery

    dmontgomery PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,238

    I use a residential contract to limit my liability and protect my income. I have a lady who signs a contract (agreement) with me and then will have the neighborhood kids shovel the drive....so.... I will stop by....back drag twice, and be on my way in 3 minutes ...and still get paid...........kinda strange on her part really....

  12. ledges

    ledges Junior Member
    Messages: 3

  13. QMVA

    QMVA Senior Member
    Messages: 431

    Well I can tell you from my experience people in Nebraska are vicious. My dad owns some furniture stores and people are constantly trying to weasel their way out of paying for stuff. Saying how this table isn't up to standards and stuff. Doesn't matter if your completely right or not they will even take you to court. So when I get more into plowing this year I'm going to type up a contract to make sure I don't get screwed.