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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by trqjnky, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. trqjnky

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    do you guys that have resi customer bases treat every customer differently? or does everyone get the same treatment.

    if its snowing all day, i clean drives in the morning before they go to work, and in the evening before they get home, so they arent packing down/walking through snow.

    today a lady called saying its still snowing outside and i shouldnt plow untill its done.

    i dont have time to keep 20 different people on 20 different schedules doing it 20 different ways.
  2. CuttingEdgeLS

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    All my customers get the same treatment. My contract states that 2" trigger by midnight serviced by 7. In the event of continuing snowfall if 2 inches or more accumulate by the time i get back to the shop I head back out.
  3. thelettuceman

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    I do business on a handshake. No contracts here. I usually wait until the snow is done or almost done and head out. If I have to do a touch up, I do not mind. My customers are very good. The ones that were not are now with someone else. That is why I do not do contracts. Check out my website to find out more ...
  4. mycirus

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    I charge per storm so I do it when I want to, not them.
  5. Tubby's Snow Plowing

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    Ha, up here that could mean a whole week goes by before it stops snowing.

    I would tell her you have a route that you take to service all your customers. If it's convenient for you, she can be plowed out last.
  6. wahlturfcare

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    i am also from iowa and will do them in the morning and then again at nite and again the new morning if needed.
    i do have a couple of the customers who do need out occationally during the day but i will let it sit with a couple inches before i do them as they dont mind.
  7. JDiepstra

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    All my contracts say the same thing. If someone wants something other than my normal contract I will do it as long as it is convenient for me and the money is worth it. Im not going out of my way unless it is for big $.
  8. loudcav

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    I would explain to her that if thats the way she wants it that you can do that but with the current weather forcast you wouldnt advise it because it might be a very long time till she gets serviced
  9. thatlittleguy?

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    I have a 3 inch trigger and service windows are 4-8AM and 1-5PM, customers are charged per push . I explain to customers that it is for their convenience. If they still request per-storm my price goes up accordingly due to increased wear and tear on equipment (more snow, harder to push). Typically they prefer the 2 per day.
  10. Winter Land Man

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    I won't accept people who want a 6" trigger... or a 'plow when the storm is done' motto. If it's a small 2" or 3" snow event, that's fine. Too much Hell on the trucks. Also, with those "plow when the storm is done!" or "plow if the storm is 6 inches or more" people, what if we get small snow events that have a couple inches here and there and it accumulates? It gets packed down, and the driveway looks like crap. I want all places that I take care of to look nice. Residential's really suck, in my opinion. I totally prefer parking lots and private roads. Especially places that want it plowed when there's only 1/2 of an inch of snow. Haha.
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  11. JTVLandscaping

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    People have always tried to come up with their own trigger, some wanted me at 3" or 4" and one lady at 5". I never took much stock in what they said, if I was plowing my route, I hit everything and charged them. If its a 6" powder, I'll just plow at the end, but the customer doesn't dictate when I'm coming, thats my call.
  12. hydro_37

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    we plow the same way as you do
    if someone does call we may or may not accomodate them....depends on the customer
    and our time schedule
  13. jbell36

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    do you all just use plows on the driveways? we prefer snow blowers because it does a cleaner job, but if you start at 3a.m. then you will probably piss a lot of people off ha...just wondering what everyone's strategy is

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    Hi there,
    All I been using the last 4yrs are snow blowers and I start doing residential s around 1-2am depending on snow fall time and never had a customer or neighbor complain.
  15. woodchuck2

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    I start with a 3-4" trigger and plow in the am, if it is a big storm i plow in the pm or wait until the am hours again. But anything above 12" gets charged double regardless of when i plow it. Some customers get plowed every 3-4" during the storm until it ends but not very many. So anything above 12"-24" and they want to wait until the end they end up paying double anyway, might better have me there twice for their convenience.
  16. coyote

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    Some people just dont get it...plow is here now thats the way it works when running your route
  17. snowplowpro

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    In my contract its stated that i come when the snow stops in case its still snowing i get paid for each time i come back but im not running from one house back to another house back these people dont pay like that