requirements on plowsite membership

Just wondering, do you actually have to push snow to be a Plowsite member, or is just owning a plow (I think its still there) enough to qualify? If you actually have to push snow, then I'll have to turn in my keys to the executive washhroom, cause all we're getting around here is flurries (ever trid to push a flurry with a 7 and a half foot Western, it aint pretty,the dang thing melted from all of the sparks flying). And if so, then can I still be a Lawnsite sitemember, cause my grass is still pretty green. By the way, how big of a mower deck can I put on a half ton Chevy? (will trade for snow plow) I asked the Exmark big-wig who lives down the street from me, and he just looked at me kinda funny, couldn't find anything in the BushHog catalog either. Oh well.

Respectfully yours, (LMAO) Jason

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i'm with intimidator...good question...this is why the buffalo pics thread got over 6,000 views, plow kid made a neat plow & maybe even explains why stone is here...WE NEED SOME SNOW!!!...not 7' but 7" would be pretty cool!!!

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Intimidator, flakesmeangreen & everyone else - ALL of you are welcome here! :)

And hey, we didn't see any snow in my area until this weekend either! (We do have 18" on the ground with more falling right now...................... $$$ :D )