requirements for subbed pick up?


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Just wondering legal requirements for hiring a "guy with a pickup and plow"?

I have a decent sized snow plow operation with legal employees but have a friend with 3/4 ton pickup and v plow willing to fill in if needed.

I think I know the answer but I'll ask anyway....
Does he need to be a legal company (scorp,llc,dba) or can I just 1099 him?
Will his vehicle insurance cover any accident should one occur?

He obviously isnt going to start his own company to be a fill in plow guy, hes more or less willing to help when someone is sick or a big storm.

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Yup. Make sure he's got a GL policy and Commercial insurance, and names you. You can 1099 him. Theoretically you should cover your arse by getting a workers comp policy to protect yourself from him or his estate from suing you as well should he get hurt. That's cheap insurance and is based on payroll and exposure.


If he is a stand-a-lone company that you issue a 1099 to and not a W2, you can/could require that they show prof of WC coverage, but the Owner(s) can opt out of the system.

You do not(well I never would) insure another company's employees.

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