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Replacing the 1/2 Shaft !... How hard is it?


PlowSite Veteran
My 1995, Chevy 2500 4wd 350eng

I need to replace the pass side 1/2 Shaft. :help:

It looks like once you unbolt it and Unbolt the Big Nut on the Hub it should slide right out.
That wouldnt be very hard to do at all.

I was told you have to pull the whole Hub??

Any one got any insight about this project????

Yup, just unbolt it from the diff. (6 bolts) and remove the nut on the spline end. Just replaced the left one in my 96 K2500. You may need to turn the wheel one way or the other and remove the stabilizer link for clearence. GOOD trucks:nod:
You don't need to remove the whole hub. The shaft is splined thru the hub.