replacing body parts?


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Hello...I need help...I have a 1986 chevy and need to replace the rockers, doors and cab corners. If anyone could help me with this it would be greatly appreciated. My main concern is the rockers and cab corners. I do not have a clue as to the best way to tackle this. The rocker panels look pretty hard to replace. They are rusted pretty bad. Also I need to take the bed this hard to do? Any input you guys have would be great. Thanks



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The bed is easy, 6 bolts on the 6' bed and 8 bolts on the 8' bed. The problem is that they are usually rusted tight. So be carefull, best hope is that they break. There is also an electrical connector in the rear behind the bumper. That needs to be unplugged, unbolt the filler neck, and off she comes.
the rocker cab corner area is a little more difficult. This is not a bolt on proceedure. They need to be cut out, and have the new ones welded in place. One good thing is that the GM's seem to be the easiest body style to work on. If you dont have the skills and or equipment to do the job right, pay someone who does.

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