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I've been plowing with my 2007 Tahoe Z71 with Western 7'6" HTS for about 6 years now. I do 3 residential properties all with long driveways. I've always used and absolutely love the Goodyear Silent Armor Tires (2 sets over the 6 years). On the Tahoe they provided excellent moderate to deep snow traction and "reasonable" dry road noise.

Unfortunately Goodyear has discontinued the Silent Armor tire and I'm faced with finding a tire to provide equivalent performance. I've read through most of the tire posts - some good advice there - but here is the catch - the Z71 has a unique wheel & Tire size 265/65/18 that is not available in many of the tires recommended.

Anyone else plowing with this rim / tire size with a tire they love?


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Do you have room for a 275 width tire? If so, that may give you more choices. The General Grabbers have a tread pattern similar to the one in your picture


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BFG makes an all terrain in that size... :nod:

Move the numbers around and you can get real close to size and with and might be able to find the ones you want by going a touch skinnier or taller or what not.

265 Tire.JPG


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Hard to beat a true snow tire. However, if you are 100% locked into an all-terrain tire the Mastercraft axt, Cooper AT3, Cooper atw, dick cepek Trail country, Falken wildpeak at3w, General Grabber at2, Hankook Dynapro, and the trail guide all terrain tire, are all excellent options and are reasonably priced
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I’m not locked in. What are your thoughts on a dedicated snow tire for that truck. And do they really make that much difference. This truck gets maybe 3000 total miles per year.


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They make a huge difference, I went from not being able to successfully plow my steep driveway with Cooper AT3s on my 2500. I put on a dedicated studded snow tire and it is night and day difference. Currently running the Mastercraft courser MSR studded, does excellent in deep snow and packed snow. Take a look at some of the dedicated snow tire options, the Mastercraft courser MSR, Cooper M&S, Firestone winterforce LT, Hankook ipike rw11, or even the generic Arctic claw. You will be amazed at your truck's capabilities with a dedicated snow tire. Not sure what the laws are in your location regarding studs, but even a non studded snow tire is better than a all terrain. And if you're only doing 3000 miles a year I wouldn't worry about burning them off in the summer

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