Removing snow with a Walker Mower w/ blower attachment.


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My son ownes a lawn and landscape business. For the lawn business we are user of WALKER mowers. What we are wondering is if anyone has had any experiance using a WALKER mower with a snow blower attachment. If so, do they have enough weight to be able to get traction? Do we need special tires?
Do we need tire chains?

Mark Oomkes

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I don't have much experience with one, only demo'ed one. I was very impressed with what I saw which was the two-stage snowblower. It did have tire chains on it and the dealer said there are "rubber" chains for it that won't tear up the concrete. We were going into very hard pack snow with it and it kept on working its way into the pile. It also was doing good going through snow that had been there for a couple weeks.

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Great addition

The snowblower attachment works great!!! I suggest using the chains, if you have all terrain tires you might not need them.......I guess it's all pending on the snow depth, icy conditions, density of the snow, etc.......but, they will be a great addition to your attachment collection. Also, the dozer blade and loader both work well for snow removal.

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