remove rust stains from stainless sander?


Any tricks to remove rust from a stainless sander? Its quite a bit so I am looking for more of a large scale removal option


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Had a traveling salesman come by my shop one day this summer when I was actually around and he had some stuff, I still think it's snake oil, but I'll give it credit it does do a pretty good job. Takes off rust stains real good, and does a decent job on asphalt too. The look on the guy's face when it wouldn't take off airport asphalt from my dump bed was priceless though! I'll get the name off of it when I get out to my shop tomorrow morning. I'm pretty sure it was some sort of pyramid scheme at the distributorship level, he tried his damndest to get me to buy a whole case of 12 bottles, but I talked him into selling me 3 bottles after some negotiating, I never did get a card, or any contact info from him either, so I tested it out on stuff that I didn't care / was probably going to get sandblasted and painted anyways.

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a couple of stainless steel scouring pads and a electric buffer, a couple cans of stainless steel cleaner at a restaurant supple house and you will have the shiniest spreader

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Brian Young;1726504 said:
Try this ^^ with a Scotch Brite pad or even try some steel wool with a bit of soapy water or the CLR

That's what he used. He even posted this two posts up from yours. :)

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