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    I have the remote controller for a 2yr old plow and would like to give it away, maybe. Ever since day one this thing hasn't worked properly. My dealer said replace batteries or hold it in a different place. The trouble is it is slow to react and sometimes it won't react at all. even with brand new batteries. I had a wired box controller on my first snoway and when you pushed the button, it jumped. I have just about cracked my truck dash from beating the thing. Every year I pester the dealer that I want a wired controller but can't stomach the price difference. There doesn't seem to be any pattern to it not working either. After about 2 hr of plowing and fighting cars my patience is gone, I don't know about you guys. I've read other posts and tried a few things but nothing helps. Any suggestions would be great.
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    Have you or your dealer tried swapping out the "brain box" from under the cover on the plow? Maybe it is that and not the controller itself. Just a thought.

    Also welcome to Plowsite. I am sure you will find the answers you need.
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    I called my dealer and he said that the brain is $400 and a wired controller is cheaper. Personally I think he should test it or taken care of it from the start instead of trying to tell me to buy a new brain now, especially after 2 years of complaining. Not sure what to do., Thanks for the advice.
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    Wait for Tom the Snoway factory rep to post here I'm sure he will be interested to hear your and the dealers side of the story and come up with a satisfactory resolution.

    IMO if you bought the plow new the dealer should have fixed the problem 2 years ago under warranty and if you reported the problem while still in the warranty period it should be fixed for no cost, he shouldn't make you pay just because he was too lazy to figure out what the actual problem was.
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    i would have to say it is a bad controller or brain did you tray and reprogram it??
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    My brain box cooked on me, dealer swapped it for a new one under warrentee.
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    Call snoway direct, talk to Andy/Steve. has your dealer filed any warranty claims on this unit? can you track your problems?

    I've been using the wireless joystick this year and it's been flawless.
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    hey jeff is this how you spell warranty in canada
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