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Does anyone know who makes a good remanufactured Dodge engine. I got royally screwed by a company called "Recon" 3 motors and three months later and no compensation for labor or time (as promised) My truck finally runs. I just bought another Dodge and and want to put a new motor in it but Im real afraid of getting screwed again. I got the last engine in Colorado but have since moved to Montana. Is there a company somewhere in the northwest or close to Montana who sells GOOD remanufactured engines and stands behind their product? I would be willing to go as far as washington state to get one.
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for the last fewyears i have been buying factory reman's direct from GM,or Mopar,becsude the quality of remans varies so much.It may cost a little more,but its worth it IMO,and the warranty is better,and nationwide.Id try your local dealer,some are agressively pricing their remans,while others are real high,so try a few different dealers.

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I strictly use a/c delco. and yes a/c delco remans, dodge,chevy also.
Call 1-874-459-6363 ask for jon 9-4 CST, tell him your from plowsite and he will take care of you, Good Luck PT
that 380hp summit motor is a pretty mean machine. friend of mine bought one for his dodge. sometimes i take summit for granted being that they are ten minutes away they may be a little pricey, but they dont sell junk thats for sure.

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