Reintroducing myself now that I actually own a plow


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Finally got 'er done and now of course the storms that were projected for this week seem to be getting downgraded all the time :laugh: In any event here she is-Snowdogg EX80 hitched to my 2012 F250 6.2L shortbed:


I picked it up used for $1500 which seems like a decent deal for what it is. Everything works but I haven't wired up the lights yet (hydraulics and light harnesses are totally separate) and honestly may forgo the lights altogether as I was planning on mounting an LED light bar across my headache rack and just using that. I'm not plowing commercially, just maintaining our private lane and helping out a neighbor now and then.
Since I don't know the history of this plow other than the fact that it's about six years old I'm planning on flushing the hydraulic system and cleaning all of the valves and filters at the end of this season. I'm just happy that I dont have to rely on my neighbor (we share the lane) to plow anymore, which makes the wife happy too.