Does anyone put reflectors or reflective tape on the outer edges of their blade? Another plow truck came down the road last night and I was suprised how I really could not see the blade at all until we were passing........kind of dangerous with all the crazies on the road....

What do you think? Tape would just get busted off, I presume...


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I always put tape on the outer sides of the blades so they are visible,but dont think it would last long on the front of the blade...

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Not tape.....

I wouldn't put tape cause I dought it would last that long, maybe what would work though is road striping? We use a heat on / adhesive yellow striping on our roads that you just stick on there and heat it up. We use it on metal alot because its also a non-skid surface. We use it on stairs and stuff like that.

But if not, why not spend $20 on a good set up flexi- bright orange poles for the ends of the plow? It helps alot when your plowing too. And I know a lot of guys say they break off when you pile snow, but if you mount them right they don't. I abuse the hell out of mine and they WOULDN'T Break!!

Anyway, good luck, and glad to see your trying to be safe!

Hope this helps!

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