Red Head gear box

Discussion in 'Ford Trucks' started by scottr, Oct 7, 2019 at 12:52 AM.

  1. scottr

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    anyone using one of these after market steering gear boxs on their Ford? If so, was it all it's cracked up to be?
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    i looked into these years ago. lots to read on ford truck enthusiasts. i never ending up getting one. i just couldn't justify the cost for a lousy 1 year warranty that may or may not be honored, not to mention the shipping expenses and potential downtime. i'm running an an autozone remanufactured box for almost 5 years now with no issues. it has a lifetime warranty and i can swap it out same day at the store down the road - no questions asked.

    here's a quick read:
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    I have 3 of them in my Jeeps. I needed a custom box as in easy to steer (got a bad shoulder) the first box I ordered was GREAT. I ordered 2 more "Just like my other one I even gave them my receipt #. The next two were not as easy to steer.

    Never had a problem with them. (other than not what I wanted)

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    Thanks for the insight guys, I suppose like many products out there, they have good and bad reviews. I had one given to me, new in the box, ported for ram assist, I think I'll install it and see how it feels. I have trouble turning my 35's at times. My pump is new and off a ford SD 6.0 truck, so I would think it puts out plenty of psi and flow. ( also running hydro-vac)