Recommendations for suspension lifts kits- mid 80's K30

Chuck Smith

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I suppose any kit would work well, as long as it is not a "soft ride" type kit. It seems a dually is about the only vehicle you'd still want the stiff, HD ride to remain with. You can't afford to give up functionality, to gain a comfy ride.

Looking through a Superlift dealer catalog, they list a 3.5" kit, and a 5.5" kit respectively. Both kits consist of HD replacement front springs, and rear lift blocks. They also include new urethane sway bar bushings, and u bolts.

They recommend a 4" dropped drag link, or 3" steering block. For some reason, they don't list the 4" steering arm for the 1 ton trucks.

They also sell optional shocks for a 4" lift, which naturally you'll need after the lift.

I think the offering from the main suspension manufacturers will be about the same as far as the way the kits achieve the 4" lift.

The "main" being Superlift, Rancho, Pro Comp, and the rest.



remember that some of these kits do not actually contain all of the parts needed to complete the job but superlift is a good manufacturer aswell as others

these are the parts often left out of "kits"

brake lines
radiator hoses
breather lines
drive shaft modifications
degree shims for pinion angle
radiator/schroud modifications
as chuck mentioned drag link

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