Rebuilt my E-47 this weekend !!!


I rebuilt my unit this sat.,Plow was dropping down-stright.MANY of you gent's sugested I goto the "A" valve first.And if that did'nt do it then I may need a new base.The "A" valve was right on,the o ring on it was in pieces. I also ordered a new base,filters and a master seal kit.I did what I can only describe as a total rebuild, new base,filters and seals,every thing inspected and cleaned. I got all my part's from Angelos at a fraction of local cost's. I have'nt remounted it yet but I'll let you all know how it's working. Thank's for the help and advice from everyone whom responded to my questions! you were all right on the money. Thank's agian UNCLE BOB Pic's of my rig : coming soon to a monitor near you

Chuck Smith

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Uncle Bob, I'd be glad to add those pics to my "Forum" section. Quite a few guys who post here have pics of their rigs in the Forum section of my website.


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