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Discussion in 'Meyer / Diamond Products Discussion' started by mrbb, Oct 27, 2015.

  1. mrbb

    mrbb Junior Member
    Messages: 12

    OK am looking for a plow for my dodge ram 2500
    have a guy near me that has a few of these REBUILT MEYER 7'6" EZ CLASSIC, model plows
    can anyone tell me what a fair price would be on one
    and or if this is a good model for my truck
    plan to do a few gravel dirt driveways about a 1/4 long, no excessive plowing here
    but do live a snowy area, so will get a bunch of use each winter time

    and anyone know about what controls options would be, joystick or?? and whats a better set up?

    I'm new to truck plows, have plow time in skid steers and loaders and atv and tractors
    and SOME in pick up trucks, just not a ton
    so any good help would be great
  2. kimber750

    kimber750 PlowSite Veteran
    Messages: 4,681

    You didn't say what year your truck is. If it is anything newer you may have trouble finding a mount for the EZ classic. Next 7'6" is too small IMO for your truck. Most of the classics used a slik stik (joystick) or two toggle switches for controls. No mention of what pump. The E47 is slow, E60 and E57 are better but still slow compared to modern pumps. Also if you have a newer truck it may require updating headlights to the night sabers and modules so you don't piss off your trucks computer. That is if the plow has the old style Truck Lites. As for price, it is hard to guess without pics but $1000-2500 would be fair depending on which pump and what wiring/mount comes with it.
  3. mrbb

    mrbb Junior Member
    Messages: 12

    thanks for the reply,
    my truck is a 2006, quad cab gas long bed.
    I don't know what pump is on plow, have to ask to find out
    but can for sure
    willsure will update when I do
  4. tjctransport

    tjctransport PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,390

    for that truck you want a minimum of 8 foot, 8 1/2 foot would be better.
    8 foot will have your tires in snow on turns, 7/12 foot will have your tires in snow at full angle while going straight.
  5. mrbb

    mrbb Junior Member
    Messages: 12

    OK thanks, that makes sense to me
    as I do plow with other things and see how at full angle the path gets narrower

    SO I should be looking for an 8 ft min plow

    I ONLY thought about these 7.6 one's due to a local guy has a bunch of them and I only will be plowing a few smaller things with the truck, so was thinking MAYBE the smaller plow would work
    but, I don't want to be driving in the snow curl, , just up\s the odds of getting stuck, and where I plow is some what remote
    rather get the right size than a cheaper deal LOL
  6. tjctransport

    tjctransport PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,390

    a 7.5 will work in a pinch, but like you said you will be remote so a "deal" may end up costing you more if you get stuck.
    i used a 7.5 plow for one snow event with my 88 diesel after the 8 foot plow broke and got stuck 3 times.
    by the next time it snowed i had a brand new 8.5 blade.
  7. forkicks

    forkicks Member
    Messages: 39

    Sorry posting to this a little late. I just read this and most of it does make sense. Larger truck means larger plow. But don't forget plow wings. They are great at adding a extra foot or so to the plow width which would keep your wheels out of the snow. I have run all types of plows and try and match up the blade to the truck but also most importantly I try and match up the weight also. This is something everyone always forgets. Oh yea that's right the salesman said my bad boy diesel will push anything. Which for the most part is correct with the right amount of ballast in the back. But at the end of the season alot of profits will go back into repairs due to that big ass 1000 lb plus plow on the front. The 7.6 is a light duty plow no argument there. But it can be made to work with a set of wings which would give you almost 9.5 feet. Now if you can not keep out of the snow with that you have a problem. Also your plowing skills or should I say finesse means everything also. Are you someone who stay's up on the accumulating snow or someone who waits till it's all over than has to push a ton of snow. If your doing this for a profit like most of us than you will plow with the storm and by doing so you will not be pushing 8" or so of snow. The 7.5 with wings will work fine in this case. Also your truck will be much happier. But on the other hand if you are one of those guys who go out there and slam piles and mistake their truck for a bulldozer than this or most blades will not work. Bottom line anything can be made to work with common sense and skill.
  8. mrbb

    mrbb Junior Member
    Messages: 12

    thanks for the idea about wings
    and NO I am not a guy that beats a truck plowing
    I rather plow 3 times than kill it in one try

    I wasn't thinking wings add I thing they will just add both more moving parts to fail,. and as well as add costs to the deal
    where I think a plain Jane 8 ft or 8.5 plow will cost me less than getting a 7.5 and adding wings or maybe even fewer out there to try and find a used one with them
    a good option maybe if I can find a 7.5 cheap, or HAD I already had one and wasn't happy with it

    But I think I will look just for a plain plow NO wings
    as I gather I could always add wings to a 8-8.5 plow too and get even more done IF wanted?

    but again Thanks appreciate the feed backl
  9. tjctransport

    tjctransport PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,390

    i never liked little plows, they are not built like the commercial plows. i did town roads for over 35 years.
    a C-8 or C8.5 plow weighs a lot more than a lt or st plow because they are built better.
    4 large trip springs instead of 2, a much larger cutting edge, and a larger A frame mean the difference between going all season without having to repair the plow or having to repair something after each snow.
    there is no need to go fast and beat the crap out of the plow or truck, you are getting paid by the hour.
    99% of the time i plowed i n2 wheel drive, and i never use ballast weight in the back of the truck.
    the secret is keeping up with the storm. if the town asked us to go off route to clean up where someone flaked out and left, we would require one of the large town dump trucks to do breakout, then we would go in and cleanup.

    now that i do private warehouse lots, small plows will not work either, because you need a heavy plow to backdrag the loading docks.
    a 400lb poly light truck plow is not going to clean a loading dock like a 900 lb commercial grade plow will.
    Last edited: Oct 31, 2015
  10. forkicks

    forkicks Member
    Messages: 39

    You are welcome for the reply. I was only throwing it out there that it could be used if you had access to some really good deals on them. But if you can find a 8' easily than by all means it would be simpler to just get it. I just wanted to give you some information on what could be done with the 7.5 to make it work for you. Also if you are plowing gravel driveway's than a lighter plow will be your friend. You will do less damage to the driveway vs a heavier blade. It's all about having the right equipment for the job. large heavy 10' blades on large commercial lots, small maneuverable blades on private driveway's. Everyone has there reasons for likes and dislikes you just have to sift threw it all and see what makes the most sense to you. Like I mentioned I have been doing this for well over 25 years and have used all size's. Started with a 79 K5 with a 7.5 western " 3 TRIP SPRINGS DO COME ON 7.5's" TJC :D I use to out plow some with 10' blades due to maneuverability and I was a very quick learner on what works and what does not. But back than my blazer was far from stock and I really did not need to make that much of a living off of it vs it was more of a challenge to learn something new and prove it could be done better than someone with a brand spanking new truck and plow set up. Started on my own than moved to a sub, I use to cleanup the mess's that were left by the guy's that thought they were all that and really had no clue. The company I worked for could tell right away and use to throw them off the lot. Yup I made alot of money back than. To me I always love when someone say's it can not be done it will just fall a part or keep breaking. I love proving them wrong and making money doing it. Although sad part about it back in the early 80's I think we made more.... Go figure:dizzy::dizzy: Anyway good luck with what ever choice you make and just remember to be safe. Remember also the only dumb question is the one that you do not ask.. PS one of my trucks now is a crew cab 8' bed dually that I wanted to keep the weight off the front end so I went with the 7.5 that I had laying around and put pro wings on it. This has turned out to be one my favorite plows. Plowed driveway's, gravel and paved, gravel roads, and parking lots. Oh yea I was told the dually would never work and that the 7.5 will never hold up. 3 seasons later still making me money. It's all about common sense and of cause skill which comes with time behind the wheel. Although I have seen some that have been behind the wheel quite awhile and I am amazed that they can get out of their own driveway:confused::confused:
    Last edited: Nov 1, 2015
  11. mrbb

    mrbb Junior Member
    Messages: 12

    again thanks for all the info to think over

    I had a 1989 Blazer I spent a TON of money on tyring to make it better, from aMILD lift to 1 ton axles to a worked up motor, and it was a pile of junk LOL| bought it new, first few yrs it spent more time in the dealers shop under warranty repair than I had it, they replaced the motor a few time,s the trans, was replaced a few times as well, had NO lie like 8 rears and 6 front rears, the cap broke, the dash fell apart, right front wheel used to lock up at will while driving
    , and I TRIED to fight the lemon law deal and GOT no where as long as dealer would TRY and fix it??
    it was one thing after another
    dealer GAVE me a truck to use for 6 months the first yr, 108 days in a row the second yr and countless times in between LOL
    I swear they had the truck more than ME
    THEN at some point, young and dumb I guess, I decided to , pass the dealer and BUILD a truck on its frame(which they too replaced under warranty as original had many cracks in it
    and NO I didn;t beat on the truck at all, was just JUNK

    I swapped out the half ton drive train, axles shafts and transfer case, to a one ton drive train(also did ARB lockers front and rear)
    went with a custom build big block motor a 4 inch lift and 35;s
    custom paint, the whole 9 yards
    spent a ton, and it still fell apart at will it seemed
    every day was a question if it would work
    I swear the truck was haunted LOL
    some days it wouldn;'t even start
    leave it sit a few weeks and would run like new for a few days, then again would;t even start
    I had a few friends that build trucks for a living, they took there turns at it, and could never figure out what was wrong?? they said it was a mystery as why it went up and down, even after replaces parts with TOP shelf parts and still just???

    it baffled some SMART guys smarter than me,

    I ended up trading it in one day being pissed off at it , was that or I was going to light it in fire or blow it up(had an explosive lic at the time) and seriously thought about blowing it up HAHA!

    I had wanted to put a plow on that truck too, just never ran in winter time to do so!

    I don't believe in beating on trucks, or equipment
    I like the right tool for the job idea
    and I can understand the wings deal, as sounds like it can save on weight on the front end, which I would think is a plus right there
    But the drive ways I will be plowing are old farm drive ways, not paved at at all, hell most are not even graveled, , dirt with rocks and such sticking up and on the sides
    frost push and pull rocks up and down all the time, so one yr its a small bump, next it can be a BIG bump
    I try my best to look well before snow falls and make mental notes

    so a HD plow is a better fit for me, the wings MIGHt get bent easier?? I don't know, how strong they are, but I do know the one drive has a few rocks that stick up pretty good on the sides
    I go slow past them but some times they still give you a good bump on my loader , and there BIG and deep, tried digging them out before and was too much for my equipment, need an excavator for them , one I got out was about the size of a small block v8 motor,m and only had about 5 inches sticking up at the time, surprised me how big it was
    and I know others don't even move when I hit them with my bucket, so there BIG and deep too

    Thanks again, sorry the long read if you read it

    I will still keep looking for a deal and up date if I find one