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I just order a 8'2" DXT for my 2008 Chevy 2500hd 115,000 miles and it in need to front suspension work. Ive go timbirens I'm putting on I'm doing control arms, ball joints, and shocks. My main question is do you guys have any preferences on brand of shocks that are made for HD/Snowplowing only thing i really found was bilstein 5100 but i think i put those on my old ram 1500 are they really tough enough for a 2500 with a V-plow on it. what are your thoughts? recommendations? What other shocks do you like is OEM control arms and ball joints good, should i think about replacing the torsion bar?
I don't know much about cars, either my brother or there's a carhop down the street that does all my work for me. but i think im the only truck he works on and my brother normally only plays with rice burners. so they don't have a lot of experience with big heavy trucks.


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Haven't heard of bad torsion bars. I just bought the wheel bearing hubs and Timken is a good brand. Bought dorman upper control arms with upper ball joints for 65 $ a side. I'm not an offroader so I stick with whatever parts are on sale at the various online stores. Try to get parts that have grease fittings. I usually buy Monroe shocks, no real reason though, just a habit.


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I have 5100's on my trucks. I have always had them since I started leveling the front ends of my Gm's.

I would recommend a leveling kit personally. Leveling kit with Timbrens is all I have ever ran on my GM's hanging a 9.6ft MVP3

I have not seen air bags for IFS yet, but I guess that does not mean that it is not out there.

There are air shocks for the IFS that you can inflate when you put a load on the front end. Bill (Got H20 was his screen name I think) always ran them on his IFS GMs

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