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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Eric E., Jan 13, 2001.

  1. Eric E.

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    I have been looking into purchasing a rear mounted spreader for a few small commerical accounts. I would appreciate comments, pro/con, on different models. With prices from $800 to $2000 + there must be some big differences.
    Thank you, Eric
  2. RB

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    Buy an Air-flo MSSS about 2k
  3. plowking35

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    I have an airflow MSS for sale 1300.00 plus shipping. Call me at 860-859-0739 for details. This spreader is brand new, used 3x last season.
  4. RB

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    Why are you selling it? Did you buy it new? If it was onlyl used 3x last year it should look like new, does it? I'm buynig another Air-flo MSS on Wednesday for $1,850 installed plus tax.

    What would it cost to ship to Pgh.? If I drove to Ct. this week would you help me install it?
  5. plowking35

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    My best guess is that 200 should get it to PA. I also have an older model that i would let go for a grand, and yes If you drove here, I would do the install.
    yes it looks brand new, and I am selling cause the sub that I bought it for, doesnt want to put it on his truck now, and truth be told, we really dont need it.
  6. Yardworks

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    I'm wondering what size tailgate spreader would be good for a 97 3/4 chev. I found a place that has 3 different sizes. One looks like a smaller (40 gallon?) barrel, then one approximately 3x3x3 and one in the middle. How much weight should a person hang on the back of a truck and hitch?
  7. Tomslawncare1

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    Plowking35, Do you still have the rear mounted spreader. I may be interested in it. I live just outside of Waterbury, CT. How far are you away? Let me know if RB doesn't move on this. E-Mail me at

    Thanks, Tom
  8. 9FT.PILES

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    FOLGERS can and an 80lb er

    believe it of not i watch a guy treat his lot w/ a coffee can by hand, and this lot is by no means small.i dont know how he gets away with it ,the store is well known and frequently visited,24 / 7."not responsible for slip,fall,ie,related injuries whatsoever".talk about OVERHEAD.
  9. BRL

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    Back to Eric's original ? The cheaper ones that you see are only able to handle dry bagged material and are usually single stage (the salt drops through an opening onto the spinner). The ones closer to $2,000.00 are usually 2 stage (some kind of conveyor moves the salt to drop onto the spinner) which means they can handle bulk material & or sand & or sandsalt. I have a WesternFisher Pro Flo 2 and love it. I also just bought a SnowEx 575 (single stage) so that I could salt a couple of small lots further from the main route without sending the other truck over. It only holds 350# and wet bulk material definitely can't be used, but it has been perfect for the small lots I need it for. It attaches to the receiver tube of the hitch so it is very portable.
  10. plowguy06

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    as i said before, i dont recommend meyer mini-spreaders. they cause a LOT of rust and deterioration of the truck and bumper.
  11. nsmilligan

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    I would go with the Fisher low profile tail-gate spreader, if your're only going to spread DRY material ie salt, NO sand. Get the receiver hitch option, 1 person can mount and unmount it quicker then your plow, also there is an adjustible spreader option with movable flaps that changes the spread pattern down to about 3'. You can check them out at