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Rear lift acting slow

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment' started by thermo, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. thermo

    thermo Member
    from USA
    Messages: 30

    I have a 74 ford 5000 with a front loader. My question is my REAR lift has been slow in operation. Sometimes when I pull the lift lever all the way to the top, the rear lift will wait a few seconds before it raises, which is a pain when bushhogging. Any idea what the problem is? Is it just low on hydrualic fluid(i cant find a plug to check it)?
  2. jhenderson9196

    jhenderson9196 Senior Member
    Messages: 615

    If you can't find the dip stick on the rear end you had better get an owners' manual.
  3. jwc3232

    jwc3232 Junior Member
    Messages: 5

    when was the last time you changed the filter or cleaned the screen is the loader slow also
  4. thermo

    thermo Member
    from USA
    Messages: 30

    The tractor does not have a dipstick for hydraulic fluid. I need to look into an owners manual but im a cheap person lol.

    I have never changed the filter or cleaned the screen. We bought the tractor from a dealer about a year and a half ago. The loader has never been slow but it has never been fast either. It is my understanding that the ford 5000 was not really designed for a loader and that the pump has a small flow rate.

    Thank yall for the fast responses.