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last saturday i was rear ended while pulling my haulmark trailer.

All of the damage went to the frame of my '99 Z71.
Rather than replacing the whole frame they want to replace just the back portion of the frame. I wanted to know if anyone has had this done? and what were the results

I just wander if it will be strong enough since i will be using it to pull the trailer.


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Well i don't have any personal experience but I do know that they weld on and cut frames on the big trucks and they seam to be ok but if I where you since you where the one that was not at falt to tell your insurance co that it's not exceptable and the value of your truck will be worth less pluse the towing concerns .Hope this helps you


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Who wants to do that? The ins co, or the body shop? If its the body shop, no way, they are cutting corners.
If its the ins co, they are trying to save $$ but I doubt that would be an acceptable repair.
Some frames are modular, meaning that they can be replaced in sections.

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You are not the first one I have heard with rear frame damage on the new Chevys. Apparently they are made weaker so as to protect the occupants of a vehicle involved in a rear-end collision.

I would solicit the opinion of a body shop which specializes in frame repair-look for one who advertises carStar system (I think?). usually its more prudent to replace the entire frame assembly, but from experience with a brand-new Eldorado which underwent this transplant Id unload the vehicle soon after, unless your state requires you to disclose the repair to the frame, then Id look to have the ins co either settle for lost value damages, total the vehicle (buy it from you) or live with the repair.


If this is the new generation does have the modular 3 piece frame. Mine is a 2000 and i can look underneath it and see 3 distinct pieces joined together. The back section is stamped, the mid section is roll formed and drawbent, and the front is hydro-formed. If the other 2 sections weren't damaged in the wreck then just replacing the back half may be ok. I can understand you being very skeptical about it..i know if it was me, i would be also.

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these trucks do have a three piece frame and most insurence
companies will insist that you replace the damaged part. you choice is who does it. make sure you chose the best. it has the latest equipt and trained people. this is not a very easy repair. good luck


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Frame sectioning is not recommended on any truck frame, unless it is sectioned at a point where the frame is riveted from the factory. Then grade 8 bolts or equivalent are required for this procedure. Personally if it were my truck, i would replace the whole frame. It's not that difficult.