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Rear end

Discussion in 'Chevy Trucks' started by 81_C10_CusDlux, Jun 10, 2004.

  1. 81_C10_CusDlux

    81_C10_CusDlux Junior Member
    from So Cal
    Messages: 1

    I too am swapping out a 250 engine with a 350 engine.

    My 81 C10 has the orig 4.1L(250) and 3 speed man trans.

    I am putting in a Crate 5.7L(350) with a turbo 350 trans (or TH400) I'm not sure about the trans because I bought a wrecked 76 el camino from an out of town family member and have not looked at the trans yet.

    I am wondering if I can still use the rearend in the truck. I'm not sure about the gear ratios in it, or would it be beter/possible to just use the rearend from the el camino?

    note- the engine, trans, and rearend from the el camino are all recently rebuilt.
  2. wfd44

    wfd44 Senior Member
    from Maine
    Messages: 369

    The ElCamino has a different rear suspension than the truck. It has upper and lower links and coil springs where your truck has leaf springs. The rear track for Elcam is probably narrower too. An '81 half ton with a 250 and a 3-Spd probably has 3.73's or maybe 4.10's (my '66 3/4 ton with 250 and 3spd has 4.56's). Depending on what you want out of the truck I would probably either change the gears in the rear on the truck (if needed) and maybe add a posi while I was at it.