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Really messed up.....

Discussion in 'Western Plows Discussion' started by BAYDOG, Dec 1, 2005.


    BAYDOG Junior Member
    Messages: 21

    Ok, I have a cable operated pump. I Had both cables hooked up even though I have no angles. Well towards the end of last season , plow really started to raise slower and slower. So I brought it in the house and messed with the valve on the inside, on the pump itself. Turned it all the way in . Well that worked for a bit. Well come to find out it wasn't that valve that needed adjusted, just the angle valve was moved and robbing pressure. So now I keep blowing the O ring at the base of the pump. My question is.... if the screw on the pump is all the way turned in, how many turns back out to get it back to a normal pressure range??
  2. genrock

    genrock Member
    Messages: 60

    Okay on westerns the normal range is this. Turn in angle valves,or cushion valves, in until they compress the spring then 1 1/4 turn out. The check valve on the back of the resovoir should be flush with the nut, newer models, older models with the thin locking nut should show 3 threads make sure to tighten down with the allen head and not the locking nut then when the allen head tightens down so that it compresses the o ring then tighten down the locking nut to no more then ten foot pounds of pressure and thats not alot in backyard mechanic terms snug it. The packing nut that holds in the plunger should be tightened down until you feel it contact the packing then 1/4 turn out. Turn the lift valve out until the plow does not raise properly then make fine 1/8 turns in until you have achieved lift. This is a very sensitive adjustment too little and you dont get lift too much and your angles wont work properly.

    What you have adjusted is probably the pressure relief valve which is right on the pump itself. In the manual there is no suggested way of adjusting this other then to do a pressure test. Plug in a 2000 psi pressure gauge into the female coupler on the manifold and move the angle you should read between 1600-1800 acceptable range. The only adjustment that is given on the relief valve is that for every 1/4 turn you add or subtract 200-225 psi too much psi and you will blow your rings out so i would suggest backing it off or turning it out a full turn then slowly increase it until you get desired psi. When you replce the base lug o ring tighten the baselug down to 195-205 inch lbs. You may find it beneficial to go to your hardware store and buy new hardened bolts before you reassemble. For ease of removal due too the angle I chose allen head bolts for this but you can replace with same like bolts if you wish. Make sure though that the bolts are hardened and they should be marked on the bolt head with a hd.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2005