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Really bad forecasting


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I don't know about anyone else, but the guys that plow around here are really fed up with the crappy and over dramitized weather predictions for this winter. I understand that it is not and exact science and esp. when dealing with a nor easter, stuff doesn't always come together as planned. Totals have changed so dramaticly over the last 2 days that nothing adds up. Now they want to predict one again for next friday possibly? They don't even know where this storm is goin... gimme a break! I'll not plan on anything anymore till I see 2" and still falling. And to everyone else who got plowable snow.. contact some of us guys in DC and De. if you need help......Have trucks-will travel... good luck!


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C. Y. A.

One thing to keep in mind with regard to the dramatic weather predictions of the recent nor'easter is the C.Y.A. factor - Cover Your A,- wait, don't want to get edited, well, let's see, "Differential"!:D

Seriously, as you mentioned weather prediction is anything but an exact science. I'm probably going to offend any meteorlogists reading this, but as I understand it various indications and trends are taken into account and an "educated guess" made based on this information. As well, comparisons are made with data from previous weather events. But until the white stuff falls, no one knows for sure. If the overall picture appears to be shaping up as a nasty one, better to have some advance warning for everyone rather than a big surprise overnight.

I still go with the "set the alarm early, stick head outside door & look" approach. There are 2 possible results: Go plow, or Go back to sleep!

In our case up here, it was the opposite of the northeast. All mention of big weather events focused on the east coast, the 3" this morning, 6"+ and still falling etc we got sort of snuck up on them! Is 90 miles north of Toronto too far to travel guys? ;)


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on Sunday they said cape cod was getting 30" then they changed it to 18-24" then all the way down to 6-12" Do you know how much I got. NOTHING!!! they are all pretty terrible.


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I was just venting. I realize that I am in a area that is not really prone to getting a lot of snow. Just the big hopla about the storm on thrusday and friday when it didn't actually form until sunday night. I think the weather forecasters and the grocery stores are in it together ha ha ha