REAL plows

Alan Addict
There's one of those with the one way plow sitting in Morrisville, VT, used to belong to the old St. Johnsbury & Lake Champlain. It appears to be all wood.
I went on a cruise up the Inside Passage from Vancouver B.C. to Skagway Alaska a couple of years ago. Up in Skagway they've got a railroad mostly for tourists now. Years ago it was used for the gold rush up there. They had some wild looking railroad plows up there also. The one that most caught my eye was shaped like a corkscrew with a big auger like thing with huge steel teeth to rip into the ice that fell into the crevices in the mountains. Unreal what some people will do for a little gold, huh? I guess I'll have to settle for our season ender 2.5" storm tonight.

Bill c Veteran
Cool link chuck I work for the railroad that owns that equipment and that cr1000 snowblower blasts through twenty foot drifts for fun.

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