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Real Green


Senior Member
NE Iowa
Who uses Real Green. We've used it for 10+ years now. Started using Mobile Live two summers ago in the summer months. Have not used it in the plowing season yet. Mainly we use 4 tablets in the summer and send work orders if needed with any more crews than that. We would need 12+ in the winter, last time I checked they didn't want to shut off additional log ins in the summer. Now, what I really want to do or figure out is a streamlined way to enter production and how that would work with Mobile Live. We have seasonal, per occurrence, incremental, and some hourly accounts. So far I feel the different types of pricing have worked out and balanced each other. I have services set up for all the above in Real Green. Entering production sucks. Keeping track of the per occurrence accounts when you have sidewalk crews and trucks there plain sucks.


Senior Member
I can help if you want, probably best to give me a call though, DM me and I can go over with you how we do it. Real green is not perfect for snow plowing unfortunately, but we've got it set up decent