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rates for a skid loader with a pusher

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by ajech, Jan 10, 2007.

  1. ajech

    ajech Member
    Messages: 38

    I am from the midwest. I just purchased an 8ft. snow pusher to go on my Bobcat s300. This will be the first winter to use this setup and so far we havn't had any snow to try it on but it sounds like Saturday we could have significant snow fall. Any ideas on what I should be charging with this rig. Thanks for taking the time to respond.

    Evergreen Heights Ent.
    Bobcat S300 w/8ft. snow pusher
    2004 Yamaha Kodiak w/front snow blade
    shovels and sand

    NEUSWEDE Senior Member
    Messages: 949

    $175.00 an hour for you and the loader

    Also you don't have any contracts? Are you going to just search out work when it snows?
  3. WetChicken

    WetChicken Senior Member
    Messages: 132

    It would have made more sense to figure this out before you bought it, in case it wouldn't bring the cash you are looking for. Unless, of course, you got it for such a deal it doesn't matter if it sits in the yard. lol
    Not being negative, just realistic.

  4. salopez

    salopez Senior Member
    Messages: 876

    why such a small box for an s300?
    I75 and hour would be awesome, but good luck getting someone to pay that for a skid. most people don't understand that you are going to get allot of work done fast...
  5. sunriseturf

    sunriseturf Member
    Messages: 54

    my appraoch to my customers was that i charge 150 with out the pusher but I will get twice as much done. I'll split the difference with you. $225 an hour. Just about all my customers went for it. It worked for both of us. I was able to do more work with the machine during the night and instead of having to skid steers on site I was able to move some to a different location. I haven't needed to raise my price in four years so the customers are happy. Now if it would just snow here.....
  6. ajech

    ajech Member
    Messages: 38


    I bought the skid loader in order to load and unload the trucks that bring plastic into my warehouse. I had an old forklift before and I wanted something that could also work around my farm and with my plastics business instead of just sitting for 7 months of the year. The skid loader fit that request. I have plenty of places to move snow around my farm, I have also volunteered to plow my church's parking lot. That is why I bought the snow pusher. I am not planning on seeking out any new accounts for this first year, I want to learn all of the pitfalls about plowing snow and how long it takes me to do a job before I go out and seek new customers. However, I want to be prepared to give an estimate if someone approaches me after seeing me plow at the church. Thanks for the responses guys. I really appreciate it.

    Evergreen Heights
  7. ajech

    ajech Member
    Messages: 38

    8 ft. pusher

    I went with the 8ft. snow pusher because we tend to get a lot of those heavy wet snows here. I decided that a couple of extra passes would be better than spinning out all of the time with a larger plow.

    NEUSWEDE Senior Member
    Messages: 949

    My tip when you do bid is find places close to the church, I know people trailer them to places but you can make more money getting a bunch of places close together and run the skid steer from one to the other and not have to trailer.
    just my $0.02
  9. ajech

    ajech Member
    Messages: 38

    Thanks for the advice. Fortunately we live in a community of around 5,000. It doesnt' sound like a lot but we have a lot of small businesses and a state college here, which presents a lot of opportunities. Because of the small town atmosphere I have already just driven the skid loader around town with the 2 speed and nobody even bothers you. This is a real advantage when moving from one job to the next. Thanks again.
  10. Watch out yelow

    Watch out yelow Member
    Messages: 35

    I have an s300 with a 12' pro tech pusher. Currently i am a sub and recieve $80/hr. I will ask for $125/hr on my own accounts in the future. The two speed is nice for moving the machine around rather than loading/unloading. Much luck this winter, we have not had one storm yet.
  11. ajech

    ajech Member
    Messages: 38

    How does the S300 doe with that 12' pusher on it. Is there a depth of snow that you have deside it isn't worth fighting it or will it push just about anything? Also, do you run chains or any special tires on your machine? Thanks for the response.
  12. Snow Picasso

    Snow Picasso Senior Member
    Messages: 250

    I have a S185 with a 7' blade. I charge $110.00 hour. If I have someone else running the machine I'll add $30.00. Good Luck!
  13. Watch out yelow

    Watch out yelow Member
    Messages: 35

    No chains, severe duty tires. Go wiht the ten if your in a smaller lot. It will push the 12 but my be a bit bulky and if u hit the edge/side can create alot of torque to the mounts. My 12 is a 4 yarder and only in wet snow and slick conditions will we have trouble. Another suggestion is to get the bucket mouting type. They have ones that will attach right to the bobcat. I like the other kind cause they float a bit and u dont have to be so precise with the loader arms.