Ram up or Down?


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I did a search but didn't find anything. I'm sure that it has been discussed before, is it better to leave the lifting ram up or down when in storage or on the truck. I prefer to keep it down to keep the ram from getting pitted or scared some how. I see some guys keep them up. I was thinking if it was kept up and the ram got rusty or scared then when it went back down it could possibly damage the seals on the pump. Just wonderin'


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I'm thinking the same way as you Brimow - my ram is "down" all the way unless the plow is on.

I've seen trucks running around all summer with the ram up, I have a feeling my seals will last longer than theirs................. :D

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My plow switch is right next to the seat on my new truck and every time I reach to the right I lean against the switch. I'm one of those guys running with the lift in the up position.



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According to the repair manuals I have, the ram should be left up during extended periods of non use to protect against internal rust & corrosion. This is because when its up the cylinder gets filled with the oil, protecting it. The exposed part of the ram (same with the angle cylinders) should be coated with chassis grease to offer protection also. That said, for years I left them down all the time & really haven't had problems that I know of. Since I read that a year or so ago (& talking to others with their rams up all the time) I've been storing them up.


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i take all of my pumps off for the non plowing season and store them that way with the pump lift ram up...........when "in season" and mounted on a truck the lift ram is left where ever!