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Ram 1500 with an 8' Western Unimount?

Discussion in 'Western Plows Discussion' started by P_Lo, Oct 6, 2005.

  1. New member here with a quick question.

    Does anyone see a problem matching up a '99 Ram 1500 5.2L with an 8' western Unimount pro plow? Will this truck handle the 8-footer?

  2. meyer22288

    meyer22288 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,003

    i have seen a couple 1994-2002 ram 1500's with 8ft plows. so it will handle it just fine
  3. Great, thanks for the reply.
  4. AmericanHandymn

    AmericanHandymn Junior Member
    Messages: 12

    I have a 1997 Ram 1500 Sport with a 7.5ft Western Pro....main problem is the front end sags BIG time. You will need stiffer springs up front and at least 600+ lbs ballast in the rear. Other then this...only normal stuff like ujoints, wheel bearings, track bars will wear faster on a 1500 then a 2500HD or 3500.