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Hey guys I have a 1983 Chevy with the 6.2L Diesil and today the radiator started a little leake so I out some Bares stop leak in it and it sealed the whole, but Does anyone know if it will stay sealed ? Also I need to know is there a way to get my truck to run cooler on the hot days I noticed today that it was running about 200 degrees and 75 miles per hour, the temp here is about 85 - 93 degrees. And if I need to replace the Radiator, does anyone know about what it is going to cost me ?

Thanks Brandon


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Brandon ,I can't help you as far as the stop leak but if you need a new radiator I put a car one in my old '85 and saved alot of money.The only thing was the mounts had to be fooled around with all and al it was the same unit for the amount of cooling area but that was with a 305 4 barrel.My mechanic said it would be fine they just get you for becuse it says truck.Good luck


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I consider "Stop Leak" to be a get-you-home fix - I'd get the rad repaired/replaced as soon as you can.

Diesels are an area I'm not very familiar with, but has your truck always run hot or did it just start doing this recently? If it's always been hot, try a different thermostat. If it's only recently started acting up, your cooling system could be getting plugged and/or the coolant getting tired - antifreeze doesn't last forever! As well, the cooling fins could be clogged - bugs are bad for that - and reducing the amount of airflow getting through the rad.

No idea on the cost of replacement if you have to go that route, but whether you go with a whole new rad or get your exisiting one recored (the tanks off your present rad attached to a new core section) it will still be a LOT cheaper than a 6.2 diesel engine.

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You can expect to pay about $350 - $400 for a new 4 row radiator. The diesels, 454 big block, and 400 small block all use the 4 row radiator. The 350, 305, and all others use the 3 row radiator. Row refers to the number of rows of cooling tubes the core of the radiator has.

JC Whitney sells Modine radiators. I got two of them from there myself.


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