Radar in the truck


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Do any of you have radar access in your truck via cell phone, lap top or any other device?

I just purchased a Sprint Vison phone (Samsung A500).
I was told I could buy a lap top or hand held and plug the phone in for a modem.

Is anyone else doing this? Or is there a better way?
Yes we run 1 truck with a Sierra wireless air card 555.From Verizon.It's installed in a Compaq 3000/Pent4/xpWin. It puts us on line and we can get any forcast radar. P.S. we build cell towers.
Sorry, i've got to add, we use a verizon hard wire antenna on the back rack for best reception.
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No radar in my truck

If I'm in my plowtruck then I'm already plowing or salting so no need here ;) Plus if needed I can tune the radio in on the local weather forcast :waving:

Mike Nelson

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Naperville IL
Just bought Nextels wireless internet service for our laptop.Plan on having the laptop in the truck during events.I also will be able to email the office etc.

Have not used it yet,but will keep you posted.


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I also have just signed up to have a dial out line with my nextel....just ordered the stand for my laptop yesterday...still need to download info to my phone for modem use.

I think this is still cutting edge and there may not be a lot of info on it yet ,but there will be in the coming years

while in the trucks we are plowing and listening to the weather nothing beats an actual"view" of the storm as well as the speed it may or may not be travelling


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I can tell you right now using a cell phone as a modem isn't a very fast connection. Especially if its connection threw an infared port. I suggest using another device. The cell phone as a modem isn't really "great" as i would say.

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What other options are there for internet connection in a truck other than cell phones?

I'll have to get details, but our 2 way radio company was toying with the idea of providing internet/phone over their radio network for credit card machines and lap top computers. I don't know what technology they would employ though.


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The only other suggestion i could give you is to have a wireless interent card and set up a wireless network. YOu would only be able to travel 200 ft. from teh base station though heh. The technology isn't that developed yet. YOu can buy some type of radar device that tells only weather information. Ill have to ask my cousin all about it for you. Hes a "weather chacer" i believe. He has a lot of technology and what not.


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I have the laptop in my own truck. I can do billing, scheduling and worklists, send receive e-mails, check plowsite and use the internet. Not a when done the computer somes inside connects to network and all information can be fed into my wife's computer so she can process and print the bills.

I love it, but I do have to be careful to keep working and not end up talking on plowsite.


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Nextel Wireless Modem

Was talking yesterday with a nextel dealership about this. He stated with the nextel proprietary wireless towers, you can achieve 3x the speed of a dial-up.

Hmmmmmm, with their unlimited plan @149.99 a month I could disconnect my home phone, and ISP and be live 24-7!!!!!!!!

Would have to see it to believe it.