rad attachments for snow

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where can i buy a rad 40+ icnh snowblower? i found the site once from exmark but couldn open it again. how much do these attachments cost? do they have a plow and how much for it? i have a belt drive and i think u are supposed to use hydros in the snow but i can use belts by tightening the belts and sealing the drive i think. any help is aprreciated.

i did a search but didnt find prices. would a 12.5 hsp engine be enough for the blower?

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They have a 888 number and will direct you to the nearest dealer. They're helpful.

A blade is going to be about $900 complete.
A blower is going to be about $2500.
(Once you have the mounting kit for one, you can add the other attachments for less $.)

I don't think I'd use one with a belt-drive machine.

A 12.5hp will power the thing but obviously won't have the performance of a 23hp in deep or heavy snow.