Quil on a Fisher plow.. Stuck.

Discussion in 'Truck & Equipment Repair' started by Sealer People, Dec 4, 2019.

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    Hi everyone & thanks in advance for any advice given to my issue.

    Ive had a fisher straight blade MM2 for about 7-8 years. Works great however, Im trying to slow down the plows drop speed as it currently slams down really hard and fast. No resistance whatsoever.

    Ive tried turning on the quil screw (which is currently raised high & showing alot of thread on the screw). It seems completely seized / stuck. It wont turn at all.

    Has anyone had this issue or have an idea of how to fix it or get it to turn ?
    I'll post a picture shortly if I can upload showing its position.

    My plow mechanic says I need an entire new assembly, and Id rather not have to spend all that $$.

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  2. OP
    Sealer People

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    Not sure if the uploading of the picture worked.

    Thanks again in advance for any tips / advice.

  3. seville009

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    Photo doesn’t show; just a zip file

    If it were me, I’d spray some PB Blaster on the quill and let it soak in for a few hours and then see if you can move it. Not sure if it matters, but have the lift ram fully compressed when you try to turn it.
  4. Western1

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    Heat can help. Or soaking it. Could drill it out also but would need to be careful. Also try weld a nut to it.
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    leave it alone or you'll be sorry....dissimilar metal has coroded it together
    i tried to get a packing nut off a old seph unit and used a little heat...ended up stripping the alum....i don't why they put a steel adj screw in a alum valve body....then again i do....if you do get it out get never seize for alum when it goes back in but i doubt you'll get it out .. jmo and you know how those are...good luk
  6. OP
    Sealer People

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    I just tried some fluid film on it,, let it sit but it still wont move.
    this thing banging so hard is horrible.