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I have an '88 GMC 350 conversion van which needs a muffler again for the 5th time! Every couple of years, the muffler rusts out. Its a 3" inlet/outlet oval type (24"? long) muffler with a lifetime warranty, but they get me on labor each time this happens. The local shop quoted $300 over the phone for a stainless muffler which seems too much $. I want a muffler to be extra quiet and last, so performance is not necessarily a priority. Any recommendations? Thanks.


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Try a "Turbo" or "Turbodog?" muffler. I cant exactly remember what the real name is but i found it to be a nice muffler. Its actually performance the thing is that its real "throaty" sounding...by that I mean that it idles quiet and mellow and the wierd thing is that at higher speeds, hard accelerations and high RPM's there is no resonance inside the vehicle and outside it just sounds "airy" in nature. Really cool muffler defies what most high performance mufflers do that is medium to loud at idle and extremely loud at higher RPMS or fast acceleration. Just a suggestion...anyone else know of these besides me? BTW: they are relatively cheap in price you will just have to look into whatever size that Van needs.


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Mufflers tend to quickly rust if the vehicle is only used for short trips or the muffler is mounted in the lowest section of the exhaust system so condensation can collect. This could also be the case if the converter was removed - converters due to them high temperatures they generate quickly dry out condensation. Turbo mufflers are cheap, but tend to be pretty noisy. My suggestion is to go to someplace that guarrantees parts and labor. On the west coast, MIDAS offers this but don't expect their prices to be inexpensive. Some larger chain stores may offer this same guarrantee. Stainless Steel will probably resolve this but if water collects then stainless will eventually rot too.

Hope this helps.

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Try taking a drill bit and drilling a SMALL hole at the lowest spot on the muffler. This will allow the moisture to drip out and hopefully reduce the speed at which it rusts.

My '98 came with that hole from the factory...


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The new delta series is a three-chamber and is quiet.

Plus, the FlowMaster is bullet-proof all welded construction.

About $80 through Summit racing for 3" muffler.

I use FlowMaster on all my trucks. They are indestructible and produce a nice exhaust sound, too.


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Drilling holes in the side helps allow the water to escape, but if the muffler is galvanized, I've seen this act like a catalyst and it open's a spot that rusts like crazy....


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I would'nt go drilling any holes for drainage, you'll void the manufacturer's warranty and may even accelerate the rusting of a muffler that was'nt designed for this. As has already been mentioned, a stainless steel muffler mounted above the lowest point would be the longest lasting solution. Purchase and installation through Midas or similar shop would be the ultimate protection. Sure this is gonna cost ya, but how much of your TIME and MONEY has 5 cheapy muffler replacements cost you.

As far as the noise goes, Flowmaster makes a single 2 into 1 muffler with a heat shield that was designed for a GM big block MOTOR HOME! Also check to make sure you have the original cast iron exhaust manifolds on there, and not aftermarket headers. Tubular steel headers are great for free flowing performance but tend to be NOISY. Cast-iron does a better job sealing in the growl.

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