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Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Chip, Dec 28, 2000.

  1. Chip

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    I think its time I invest in a good spreader.In the past I have used a walkbehind spreader for salt on walks and the small parking lots that I maintain. This year I have picked up a bit more commercial work and think its time to get a truck mounted spreader. I was qouted a price of $1300 for a western model 1000 spreader, not installed but dealer said it would be easy to mount to my class III hitch. I know of another dealer that carries other manufactures spreaders.

    If I buy one tomorrow I realize I will do the install myself, not a problem. I was hoping to spend about $700 - $800. Any opinions or thoughts about what I should do?

    The big storm is coming tomorrow night. It could pay for anything I decide to buy. Trying to decide what to do. Please help.
  2. plowking35

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    If it was me, get a two stage model. Brand doesnt matter. That way even wet material will even be able to be run through it.
  3. RB

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    If you're going to buy a small (tailgate) spreader I would recommend a couple of choices.

    1. Buyers (orange box) - If you are going to use bagged salt. All these type spreaders, i.e., fisher, meyer, western, etc. are the same; keep them clean and dry and they will work good. $700 good price and it's a good first spreader.

    2. Airflow MSS. If you want to spread bulk salt. Works great and is indestructible. $1,900. You will have this spreader forever.

    Just my opinion.
  4. OP

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    Thanks RB
    I saw a Buyers on the back of a truck today, the first orange box I have seen. Usually all I see around here are yellow boxes. I will call around tomorrow and see what I can find. That is more in my price range and since it will be my first and I will be using bagged salt I think that may be a better choice.
  5. plowking35

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    You stated that you wanted a good unit. A buyers isnt a good unit. It is a cheap wannbe. Spend the money on a two stage and be done with it.
  6. thelawnguy

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    Second plowkings statement. I had a Buyers, it was more efficient to spread by hand with a longhandled shovel. Save your money.
  7. Winterworks

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    We have a Buyers (Tractionmaster in Canada) on one of our trucks and when it isn't broken it spreads fine. The factory also wired the 12V motor backwards and it took me 2 days to figure out that the auger and spinner were turning the wrong way! The spinner assembly is of weak design and backing into a soft snowbank will throw it out of alignment which disconnects the motor from the spinner/auger shaft. This makes for a very p---ed off driver at 3am trying to reconnect the shaft in the cold with a full hopper of Magicsalt. However as I mentioned, it spreads fine. It was $1800 Canadian with the swingaway mount. We could have bought a used bed mounted sander for near the same price but I didn't think the truck could handle it loaded (Chev 2500, 6 bolt wheels).
  8. SlimJim Z71

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    Make sure you get one with either an auger inside the hopper, or a conveyor at the bottom. The biggest complaint I hear is about spreaders plugging up...

  9. Greenman2ooo

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    I have a Western single stage with an auger. It feeds very evenly. Empty and wash after <b>every use</b>. Load with bagged salt or bulk salt you have sifted to remove large particles.

    Keeping your spreader clean is #1. It isn't a storage bin for salt. Same goes for sidewalk spreaders. Salt dust gets caked on everything with just one use. Salt is caustic to steel. Most any single stage with a vibrator or auger should suit you fine for years to come unless you want to spread salt and sand. I don't do sand. Just my preference.
  10. Greenman2ooo

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    I have the Western 2000 (700lb capacity) with auger and couldn't agree more with SlimJim. I think he has the 1000 which is just a little smaller version of mine, I believe.

    I paid $1350 for mine with the variable speed control and Swing away mount. It ran $200 to install. Good luck.
  11. jrblawncare

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    I as well have a Western 1000 w/variable speed and swing away mount[this will help save your back]so far it has worked great,of course I'm only using dry bagged product.I did pay bit more for it because I'm in "grit land".Keep it clean after each use...heres a tip...when its clean and dry spray it with a can of pam cooking oil...adds some protection and makes cleaning it a breeze.JRB
  12. John DiMartino

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    I agree with Dino,get a Fisher/Western pro-flo 2 or speedcast 2.It'll handle salt,sand and wet stuff.CPW has them for around 1800,a single stage will just aggravate you with constant plugging,and limited spreading materials.
  13. John Allin

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    We have two Highway's and a Boss.
    Love 'em both.
    However, they are slide in V box's and not tailgate mounteds. Oops..... didn't read the entire first post right.
  14. SlimJim Z71

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    Actually Greenman2ooo, I have a Pro Flo 2... 1200-lb. capacity. It works awesome!

  15. cat320

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    Chip I agree with dino better to get the 2 stage and be able to spread wet or dry material.I have a fisher speed casterII and it's ok It ran me about$2,200 not installed and we had a hell of time installing it not as easy as they said but that was because none of the hole lined up and they welded the frame wrong on the unit .Good luck with what ever one you choose.
  16. CCLC

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    We do have a couple of Meyers tailgate spreaders. About every fourth year we have the motor taken apart and cleaned and resealed. They are old salters and they just keep on going. We have a Meyers V-Box as well. The V-box is my salter of choice for big loads of salt but a tailgate spreader is great for getting started.