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I am newer to snow removal and have a few questions on a 900,000 ft2 lot. The lot is mostly open except for light poles and there are many places to put the snow. We receive 40 inchs a year. The lot is to be kept clear with a 2 inch plow trigger. They provide the salt. I would like a rough figure on a seasonal price. Also, what size pusher would be required and what is the best size machine for that size pusher. I planned on having the pusher just do this lot and have a truck come through and handle the salting and minimal plowing. How much time will be required to complete the plowing portion for a 2-3 inch snowfall. Sorry for all the questions, I would just like some help.



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winterset iowa
This is the best site on the net to post your questions. I'm sure some of the others on this site will reply back before the end of the day to help you out.
Just hope we get some snow this year to move.
Welcome and good luck,
Mark K


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We would be more than happy to help you with your Pro-Tech Sno Pusher needs. Just drop us a line at 1-888-787-4766. We have a large list of equipment and what units we would recommend for them. Most 4X4 backhoe's will handle a BSP 12' with no problem at all. That is probably one of the more popular units around.

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