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Discussion in 'SnowSport®' started by bolensdriver, Jan 10, 2005.

  1. bolensdriver

    bolensdriver Senior Member
    Messages: 603

    Why is the Snow Sport so expensive?

    There are other companies who make personal use plows for around the same price and cheaper, yet have a lift for it (Electric or Hydraulic). I'm sure Snow Sport would sell more if the plow can be lifted from inside the vehicle.
  2. tjw in kans

    tjw in kans Member
    from ne kans
    Messages: 43

    i purchased the snowsport blade because of its simple design, easy on and of and easy to store. so far we havent had any snow to try it out, just ice storms, so i cant comment on its performance. i figure 2-3 passes down my 100 foot drive to take less than 5 minutes. compared to my garden tractor which i have spent 840 dollars on front blade, rear blade with electric winch to raise, ag tires, wheel weights, v-bar chains, passed on the 600 dollar cab and the 1400 dollar snowblower attachment plus a trailer to haul it around in, now thats what i consider expensive plus i am sure it will get stuck on my sloped drive. i would rather be inside my 4x4 ranger with the heater running and dont mind manually lowering the blade for 2-3 passes, it has to be better than freezing my azz of on a garden tractor. i might mention the snowsport blade has the back part of the blade fully enclosed not like some of the other ones i looked at, and no, i dont work for them. my 2 cents worth, tjw
  3. evil snowman

    evil snowman Member
    Messages: 65

    hey dude, i'm going to have to tell the rest of the guys at tractorform.com that you would rather plow with a ranger than your koool tractor. lol !!

    btw, if you dont know my handle on TF.com is "craftsman-man". have fun!!
  4. tjw in kans

    tjw in kans Member
    from ne kans
    Messages: 43

    evil snowman

    good one, please dont tell!!! if it was g.w. i would be banned. i plowed my old folks drive for years with my old unit, it had no safety switches so if i got stuck, i could get off and push and it was 300 pounds lighter so i could jerk it sideways to get the wheel out of the ditch, new gt too heavy. snowsport blade and frame can be installed in less than 2 minutes, way less than removing the mower deck on the gt, plus i dont have to load into truck or haul a trailer around. only problem, we havent had any snow since purchase of blade so i cant comment on use. but when we do have snow, i will be inside a nice warm cab. anyways, howdy cm-man. btw, i did post in the snow removal section, but had not purchased the blade at that time and since purchase havent had to use it. gt is in the garage in the country and all waxed up. later, tjw