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Hope you guys/gals will help out a new guy. I'm thinking about getting into plowing. I have read a bunch of the posts and have some questions. First off, here is my rig:

I have a: 1992 Ford Full-sized Bronco
115,000 miles
302 CI engine
Auto Trans (E40D)
Push button transfer case
Factory auto-hubs
Factory quad front shocks
Front GAWR 2800
Rear GAWR 3770
GVWR 6050
3:55 Rear End (not limited slip)

Jacobs Ignition
Front steering stabilizer
31 x 10.5 x 15 Dueler H/T tires

This truck has never been used for plowing.

I plan on doing residential. Hope for 20-30 accounts.

Here are my questions;

Should I consider a Boss V-Plow?
Should I add an additional battery? If so, any suggestions on where to locate it?
If I go new, how much should I expect to pay for a good plow?
What's the best way to advertise?
Do I need special insurance in Minnesota?
Should I add a tranny temp gauge?
Will I need additional lighting? More back-up lights, amber strobe?
Am I totally nuts for even considering this?


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Considering the FAWR of 2800, a BOSS plow would be too heavy for that TTB axle. That is IMO though. Most trucks that have plows or can handle them, have a FAWR of about 3800.
Check plow manufacturer websites, and see if they offer a plow for your truck.

You also might try doing a search here, many of the questions you've asked have been answered many times before. You'd be amazed at how much information doing a search will provide. It will get you answers faster than waiting for replys to this thread.


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I don't think I would hang a V-plow on there. I'm not too sure about the GFAWR on those trucks, but the short wheelbase with that heavy of a plow would cause the truck to nose-dive SEVERELY. With residential, I'm not sure a V-plow would be your best bet anyway, although some others in here may disagree. I think a 7.5' straight-blade would probably be the way to go. I would also recommend some load-boosters on the front. You will definately appreciate the short wheel-base of that truck for doing driveways.

I'm not sure if you have the room for a second battery, but I would recommend getting a good strong battery with high CCA's, as well as a high reserve. Maybe check into upgrading your alternator as well. A few places I called around here said that they can usually increase the output of my factory alternator.

A new plow can run anywhere from about $2200 up to $4000 depending on brand and style.

I don't think there's one BEST WAY to advertise. Different things work for different people. I would get some business cards made, and maybe print up some flyers to start with. A magnetic sign on the side of your truck with your cell # might be a good way to add some more customers while you're out plowing.

I would definately recommend getting an amber warning light. The more visible you make yourself, the better off you'll be.

Liability insurance is usually a good idea... the popular number around here is about $1-million in coverage. Your local insurance company can give you more info on this.

Good luck!!!



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I would go with a 7.5 or 8ft straight blade. I have heard that people love to plow with Bronco's. Good Power in a smaller turning radius. Make sure you keep up on maintanence.


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If it doesn't already have a trans cooler, get one. That would be money better spent than on a temp gauge. Not that a temp gauge wouldn't be a good idea, but a cooler is must.

As far as the auto locking hubs. I think I would swap them for manual hubs. I think the auto locking hubs dis-engage and re-engage when going from forward to reverse or vice versa. (Somebody tell me if I am wrong). They work great for normal driving situations, but going from reverse to drive to reverse to drive....... Plowing is not a normal driving situation.

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Bronco for plowing? Sure. Decent power in a manouverable chassis. I'd definitely say "stay away" from the V-plow though. 7.5 should be fine for blade width.

For sure a transmission cooler. Even if it already has one in the rad, install another one in front of the rad. Plowing works a transmission hard - gotta keep it cool!

Not sure about how the auto-lock hubs work, but I think DaveK's suggestion of swapping them for manual hubs is a good one.

Trying to stuff a second battery in there can be difficult, lots of people use one battery (one with lots of reserve and CCA as Tim pointed out) and either a stock or higher output alternator.

Strobe & extra backup lights are good to have.

And as far as being "totally nuts" for considering this, sometimes I think we all are! :D After all, most people stay home when it's snowing hard - we go out there and PLAY in the stuff!


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auto hubs do not engage and disengage when going from forward to reverse. there's a guy running aroung here with a 89 bronco and a 8' boss v, he does a lot of opening up cottages for people when they come up for the weekend so he loves his short bronco but he says he spends alot in front end maintainence to keep it going.


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If the hubs are the same as the auto hubs on a ford ranger they do. The owners manual says:
If the vehicle is stopped while in 4x4 and the vehicle direction is reversed from the previous direction, the automatic locking hubs will momentarily disengage and reengage. The automatic locking hubs may click as they automatically engage in the new direction. To disengage the automatic locking hubs, operate the vehicle in two-wheel drive in the oposite direction for appoximately 10 feet in a straight line.
As far as I know, all automatic hubs do this. That is what makes them automatic.

Also, not all Broncos came with auto hubs, they were optional.
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welcome aboard cowboy,
not sure how much this effects things but my local boss dealer told me they like to see a minimum of a 3300lb. axle on the front end just for a standard 7'6" sure some of the older guys around here can help you out more on that..:confused: but after going quite a bit of research myself being new to this game i chose the 7'6" standard boss for my 2001 f-150 7700 series it has 4150# axle under it but not looking at this time to go commercial i figured it would be plenty for me.good luck any of the dealer web sites will also help you out on the selection part of it..

LET IT SNOW!!!!!!!!!


:D :D

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