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Alright...well..i was wondering..if i got in a crash and someone hit me on the lower right side of my Chevy Sliverado 1500 ext. cab shortbed would it be cheaper to have some body work done on it or replace the bed? And how much would a bed run about? Any words of wisdom would be greatful :).
Another question I have is...The reverse lights dont seem to work I have check the lights and they did not need to be replaced.
Might it be the fuses? or maybe something else? :confused:
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Well, that would depend on if you have dual tanks.:D

OK, seriously, you'd need to get a few estimates from different shops and shop around for a straight used bed. Don't forget to add the cost of painting it to match. It could go either way, depending on the amount of damage and how lucky you are at finding a good deal on a bed.

As for the backup lights, next thing to check would be the fuses, just check them all, one at a time. If they’re all good, you need to locate the actual switch that turns them on. On most manual transmissions the switch is located on the transmission. On automatics it could be on the trans or on the steering column under the dash.


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Most of the body upfitters sell new take-offs for $750 to $1000, if you look around, you might even find your color. You'd be hard pressed to find a shop to put on a rear quarter for that much.


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I am thinking that it would all depend on the year of your truck. I am assuming your truck is newer than 88, due to not many extended cabs before that year (at least not around here). Either way, beds before 88 might be fairly hard to come by, especially one in good shape. If your truck is 99 or newer, then I agree with Pelican saying to look for new take-offs. Between 88 & 99 - I am not sure what you would be able to find, but Texas is a big state.....


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